1.Growing Up

I grew up in a very noisy family! My parents and two brothers can all play a couple of instruments each, and when nobody was practising somebody else would have put on a record somewhere in the house. I started my musical education early and was exposed to lots of different styles of music as a child. I like to think the tables have turned now as I’ve caught Mum listening to Flume a couple of times!


At the moment I am loving summery electronic vibes from artists like Bondax, Lxury, Jonas LR and Odesza. I was particularly impressed seeing Odesza play live last weekend using an array of drum pads and controllers. I think it is really important to be able to translate your music into an engaging live performance.

3.Your Crew

Seeing as so many of my friends are musicians, my collab game is surprisingly weak! Now I’ve finished my own EP, I’ve had time to work with some other artists such as Spit Syndicate and Nicole Millar on their music. It’s a completely different experience to writing music for Kilter and is something I really enjoy doing.

4.The Music You Make And Play

I find it hard to pin any one genre on my music but I once heard someone say it’s like having tropical punch thrown in your face. I’m guessing that would sting. My new release Shades has quite a lot of variation on it, with everything from a steel drum rap track to a high-energy bass trip. When it comes to performing I have a completely live hardware-only show with synths, drum machines and live percussion.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

One of my favourite things about doing what I do is the people who are doing it with me. I just spent the better part of two months on the road with RUFUS and Hayden James having far too much fun and am looking forward to catching up with all my interstate friends at Splendour. Should be a pretty wild weekend.

Shadesout Friday July 11 through EtcEtc. Catch Kilter at the Oxford Art Factory on Friday July 11, tickets available online. Also appearing at Splendour In The Grass at North Byron Parklands from Friday July 25 until Sunday July 27 alongside Nina Las Vegas, Yacht Club DJs, Touch Sensitive and heaps more.

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