1. Growing Up

Born in London, I have a few memories of Chelsea streets, markets, our flat, people, smoke, African food and both my parents. When I was four my Australian mother raised my brother and I in Perth as a single mother… Big change. My mother raised us to be barefoot, sporty and arty kids. I remember Count Basie, Bob Marley, Quincy Jones, Musical Youth records, and ABC classical radio always being on. I missed my dad, but my big bro was usually awesome – though often pissed off ’cause he felt estranged in Oz, while I felt at home on red earth with the smell of eucalyptus. My mother got cancer when I was ten, which she fought her whole life… I think I used to bottle up emotions, and thankfully I later turned that into quietly writing thoughts which became lyrics and eventually songs. Songs to hopefully uplift others as well as myself.

2. Inspirations

From about age five, I remember Quincy Jones (who I recently met!), ’cause he produced so much good music. We had The Dude album, which I grew up on. My brother really inspired me, encouraging my creativity. I loved music from early on, and felt that I would always be involved in the creativity of it.

3. Your Crew

I’ve had a few crews… My bro got me into music, really – he had a crew at 16 (when I was ten) called Deadly Fresh. We made music and caused trouble. Well, they caused trouble and I tagged along. I later grew, and after high school moved to Melbourne and worked with Peril and Kem, forming 1200 Techniques. Though [I’m] still cool with the 1200s bodies, I now have a crew called House Of Beige, being Sensible J and Dutch, who make most of the music for me and Remi. We are all good friends. We all have shitty day jobs, but are grateful to have music!

4. The Music You Make

We love a scope of sounds – hip hop, electronica, anything Detroit, dub, soul, random chit. We make electronic-infused hip hop that you can really listen to, gain from, boogie hard to when we rock live, or just play our tunes in the background while rolling a fatty.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Well, what was once underground is now very mainstream, from its content to its sound in general… Some of its a bit too cute for me. Thankfully new types of underground are forming – really good, deep music. That’s what I always aim to stay connected with. Local crew Hiatus Kaiyote really inspire me from musical content to live show, along with Ta-ku, whose self-made online success shows what you can do when radio and labels aren’t listening, and you create your own trends, by making music for self not sales.

triple j Unearthed Showcase ft. Jackie Onassis, SAFIA and Remi at Oxford Art Factory on Wednesday November 27.

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