1. Growing Up

The thing I remember the most about growing up is the ‘magic-ness’ of the radio. My parents had a Volkswagen Beetle and you didn’t have to wear seat belts so I’d stand in between them staring at the radio with all this stuff coming out of it. It was wild hearing ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles; just incredible! Later on, I joined the Police Boys’ Club band playing the cornet. It was years before AC/DC and the Sex Pistols would change everything for me.


2. Inspirations

The three main reasons I wanted to play guitar and the SG in particular were Brian James of The Damned, Angus from AC/DC and Ed Kuepper from The Saints… wild, wild players!


3. Your Band

The Hard-Ons; we met at school and started playing our mix of punk, pop and early metal. Nunchukka Superfly; our more proggy and arty bent. And the solo stuff I do to explore pop in a stripped-back fashion. 


4. The Music You Make

I’ve lost count of how many albums I put out, and last year I released a new song every day of the year (366 songs in total) via my Bandcamp page. Check it out at peterblacksolo.bandcamp.com.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Same as always, and thankfully there will always be good music around. It’s just a pity these days you never get paid, so its very hard to pay for the upkeep, especially in Australia where right now we are a little artless. But music is wonderful and will always be wonderful.

Peter Black plays the Midnight Special on Wednesday February 22.

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