1. Growing Up

Ahh, yep. It was in my early years that the love of country really set in. I mean, the rural expanses of Oatley left you with no other option than to grab a washboard, turn K-Tel’s Superstars In Country Music up to eight and let it wash (pun intended) all over you. Good – no, great times.


2. Inspirations

Evel Knievel. 


3. Your Band 

Having recently gone through a bit of a personnel shuffle, Spurs don’t know if we’re Dolly or Willie! One of our founding fathers, Marty ‘The Moose’ Morricone, hitched the wagon and headed north seeking greener pastures, then his replacement, Crank Williams, had two rehearsals and decided he was moving to Darwin! Yep, guitar slingers – seems they can’t get far enough away from us. Thank Buck that Spatsy Cline, Gwen Campbell and Dirt Track Daisy have hung around.


4. The Music You Make

Imagine Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Dolly, Loretta, The Clash, Mojo Nixon, The Blasters and The Banana Splits had an orgy. We’re the result of that tender, tender love.


5. Music, Right Here, Right Now

Now I can’t get that damn Jesus Jones song out of my head. Thanks BRAG! Hey – Spurs For Jesus Jones – the next concept?


Spurs For Jesus play Sydney Rock ‘N’ Roll & Alternative Market at Manning Bar on Sunday February 12, with A Band Called Twang, The Hellcat III, The Drey Rollan Band and more.

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