1.Growing Up

In primary school, War would get music off his older brother Mahad – he was into Portishead, The Avalanches and MF Doom. War would borrow his MiniDisc player and bring it to school – he would show off. Mydad playeda lotof funk and disco records while my grandparents would play Irish/Celtic music.


Madlib is a biginspiration on our songwriting. When you consider how an album of his may flow with interludes or perhaps tangents in a track because of the way it’s been chopped – wewill try to emulate this feeling within a single track.Even though ourperformance is completely organic we finda lot of influence from thetextures of digital music such as Teebs and Flying Lotus.

3.Your Band

Mudlark is an instrumental two-piece; guitar and drums. Bedroommusicians. We like playing with unique artists. This could be any genre, it’s not important. We feel without considering artists reviving a sound there’s no real direction for musicians these days. Anyone daring to do something different or weird inspires us. Asartistswe don’t want to limit ourselves to any particular style or application. This might mean we are operating under different aliases, collaborating with different artists, writing film scores or playing different instruments.

4.The Music You Make

We started feeling OK with referring to our genre as ‘experimental’. We’ve put out our EP [Zimdahl] on alimitedvinyl pressing, there’s something like 100 left. The digital is out free through Wood & Wire. A good friend and great artist, Oliver Coakley, designed the cover art – it looks great. In a live application it’s definitely worth seeing.

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

In Perth, the music scene is a very friendly, strange second cousin.It’s considerably smaller and you have less venues to play at as a local performer. You get this funny cross-contamination of interest from an audience where you go to see an electronic artist on one night and then a band the next at the same venue. You can kind of rely on the venues to keep less than averagemusiciansout. Whileplanningour East coast tour we got the feeling the bands in Sydney had a betterqualityof sound than those intheother eastern states.

Mudlark will be at FBi Socialalongside Mikk and Gazar Strips on Friday May 16, with tickets available online.Zimdahl is out now through Wood & Wire.

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