No-one does summer music like Australians. With our sunburnt arms hanging out the car window on our way up the coast/to the beach/into the bush/to a mate’s place for a BBQ, we only want one thing on the drive (aside from no traffic and some company in the car), and that is some great music to mingle harmoniously with the summer days and underscore the feel of absolute contentment they bring. And oh, how our local talent delivers just that.

With summer breaking over Sydney, it’s the perfect time for Glebe-based four-piece Food Court to release their debut EP, Smile At Your Shoes.

On top of being the perfect length for the attention deficit suffered by music lovers these days, the six-track release contains the perfect cocktail of that sunny, fuzzy, surfer-punk brand of music that has become as synonymous with summer as thongs, Paddle Pops and fainting Pommies.

Opening with their no regrets, busted-tape-player of a song ‘I Want You’, the dirty and addictive sound of Food Court immediately ensnares you, and you wonder why you don’t own a surfboard. ‘Smile At Your Shoes’, ‘By Your Side’ and ‘Going Home’ possess the same pride and confidence naked men have when they strut about the house when no-one’s home. But it’s the single ‘Not Enough’ and closer ‘She’s Away’ that truly capture the carefree tone of this hot and beloved season.

If summer is as good as this album sounds, then we’re in for one hell of a good time. Just don’t forget the paddle pops.

4/5 stars


Smile At Your Shoes is out now independently/through Bandcamp.

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