Reviewed on Thursday November 14

There’s no point denying it: Louisa Rose Allen, AKA Foxes, is a babe. The moment she chirped, “Hi, we’re Foxes!” in her slightly posh accent, the guy next to me said, “Well, that’s me done – I’m officially in love.” But this Aphrodite has one massive voice that managed to consume the entire room.

We were given a sneak peak of her upcoming album, Glorious, which is due for release in February next year. She launched into her anthemic single ‘Youth’ pretty early in the set, which went down like a good, strong cup of tea with the mostly expat audience. Everyone then broke out into what I can only describe as a pop/dance bop (or a cheery mosh, if you will) for the remainder of the set, as we were informed: “You’ve got two choices, you can either dance or jump, but you’ve got to choose one!” And it seemed that most went with the latter.

The standout tracks of the night were two of Foxes’ collaborative efforts. The first she’d done with Rudimental, the atmospheric ‘Right Here’, which offered a temporary break from the pop-laden set. And her encore of ‘Clarity’ (which she worked on with Zedd) was heart-wrenchingly dramatic.

Foxes is a pint-sized powerhouse and her explosive energy was infectious. There perhaps could have been a bit more light and shade in her set, as a lot of the tracks in the middle were hard to differentiate from one another. She has an alluring presence and if she allowed herself the occasional moment of stillness she’d probably receive even more declarations of love. On this occasion, someone threw a kettle onstage with her face on it. Each to their own.


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