For anyone wondering whether any quality punk will arrive this year, wonder no more; Future Of The Left have the entire genre covered.

From hardcore to Dischord-style post-punk, Dead Kennedys shout-alongs and Fall-esque rants, over the course of these 14 songs FOTL cover the gamut of punk, all filled with moments that’ll make your jaw hit the floor.

The experimental production and instrumentation of past FOTL albums seem to have been simply tests for this album. There’s nothing on How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident that doesn’t work; the production is perfect, changing from dirty to clean and hi-fi to lo-fi to suit whatever the individual song needs. The same goes for the arrangements, whether sparse or cluttered.

Andy ‘Falco’ Falkous’ notoriously scathing lyrics are on full display here, with the type of perspective and flow that only true talents can deliver. My current choice line: “Her cock is so hard / Her aim is true / I hear that when she comes / She comes enough for two”.

As for the actual music, there are way too many highlights to mention all of them. The last 20 seconds of ‘Future Child Embarrassment Matrix’ will rip your face off. ‘French Lessons’ will shock you with how pretty FOTL can sound in comparison to the rest of the album. And ‘How To Spot A Record Company’ is the best song Falco has ever written (and I’m including all of Mclusky Do Dallas).

On top of all this, there’s a hidden element that helps make How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident an instant classic: never has music so angry at its core been so fun to listen to.

5/5 stars


How To Stop Your Brain In An Accidentis out now through Prescriptions/Remote Control

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