“Imagine, now friends, a small village, in a small port, on a small island…”

Finally! A band has taken music piracy to a literal level and created an album all about sailing the high seas, fighting sea monsters, and searching for fortune and fame.

Brisbane eight-piece The Good Ship have released an ode to the age of sails with their third album The Seven Seas. Inspired by their hybrid musical theatre show, the release is a sailor’s wet dream; a ten-song album about the waves calling them to glory.

Opener ‘World Spin Round’ sets the tone of the album well, with a mournful piano and a mother pleading with her son not to become a sailor: “Don’t go out to the ocean blue / So wide and it’s so vast / For there’s pirates there / And monsters there / And you will surely die”. (Thanks for the support, Mum.) Other songs like ‘The Ocean Is Calling Me’, ‘Captain One Day’ and ‘Seven Seas’ all focus on the draw the sea has over us.

While the album has sound music qualities, it’s hard to imagine anyone loving this album unless they: a) have seen the live performance and wanted more; b) are devout cosplay pirates/sailors who have been wishing and dreaming for an album all about sailing; or c) all of the above.

The Seven Seas is a quality album, however the lyrics and theme will unfortunately narrow its appeal. That being said, if you do prefer music that requires you to close your eyes and be whisked away to the land of imagination to enjoy it, then this album is for you.

3/5 stars


The Seven Seas is out now through Autumn Recordings/MGM.

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