What a journey it’s been for Melbourne psych rock enthusiasts Greenthief, who, after four years of honing their sound, songwriting and performance technique, are finally ready to unleash their debut full-length upon the world.

One could say that Voyage is the direct descendant of the original psych rockers. Intended to be listened to as a whole, the album pays homage to ’70s drum sounds and bass tones, and was produced by Steve James, most famous for his work with The Jam and the Sex Pistols.

Greenthief tested their unique psychedelic sound on international audiences last year, taking European stages by storm, and are now ready to inspire local crowds once more with a 25-date nationwide tour.

Voyage will be released via MGM on Monday February 10. Catch Greenthief red-handed (or is that green-handed?) on stage at the Great Northern in Newcastle on Thursday April 10, at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on Thursday April 24, and at Yours and Owls in Wollongong on Friday April 25.

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