An inaugural “walk and talk” event will be held in Surry Hills this April to celebrate the life and work of New Zealand-Australian author Ruth Park.

Park’s 1948 novelThe Harp In The Southreflected on the lives of Irish-Australians, Europeans and Chinese immigrants that called the Surry Hills area home in the World War II and post-war era.

The event will have participants following a series of talks and readings that will take place in various parts of Surry Hills, following the literary trail as laid out by Park inThe Harp In The South. The day will finish off with a buffet meal at the Gaelic Club. The event is supported by the Irish National Association of Australia, which will be marking its centenary this year.

The Harp In The South Day will be takng place on Saturday April 18 and will begin at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre at 2pm.

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