Now look at the dirt on my toes and tell me I’m less of a man for leaving you.

This is the kind of tone you can expect from Hayden Calnin’s sophomore EPOh, Hunter. Dark. Cold. Distant. Yet embraces you fully. At just five songs long,Oh, Hunterconnects a personal emotion with you and immediately fills you with an unbearable sense that you are about to lose it.

Opener ‘Coward’ makes that feeling known straight away, providing a gentle and muted beat before bursting free, filling the world for a few seconds and then retreating to the woods, drums calling out from the shadows. This tone is pervasive through the EP. ‘I Corrupt’ strays somewhat, with Calnin stretching his vocals to cover both high and low falsettos, creating something similar to Volcano Choir, however it doesn’t work too well from him. ‘Not Good For Me’ is the strongest song and feels as though Calnin has been influenced, however slightly, from his support slots for Oliver Tank, taking the sparse guitar and electronic sounds in an entirely different direction.

Calnin has created a powerful and beautiful EP, a sound akin to the blanket you hide beneath on a bleak and rainy day.

Oh, Hunter out now on Create/Control.

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