Born and raised in Los Angeles, DJ and producer ETC!ETC! hides behind a cartoon-like mask, so he’s a tricky one to research. What we do know is he’s been drawing the attention of tastemakers around the world, from Diplo to BBC Radio 1, ever since he made the shift towards a moombahton production style. And he’s a big fan of The Beatles. Ahead of the Sydney date on his World Invasion Tour, ETC!ETC! let us in on a few more secrets…

What’s your biggest musical influence?

The Beatles. Growing up, that’s all I heard from family and friends. [They were a] big inspiration for me, then and now. John Lennon is the biggest inspiration [of all] – just how he tells a story to me is amazing. When I first heard The Beatles I was like, ‘This is OK…’ but when I started to listen to music lyrically, I was in awe.

Tell us about your crew.

My crew is and will always be Mad Decent. Working with Diplo and everyone from the label is always a pleasure, but I also love to work with Bro Safari – [another] big inspiration to me. Mayhem, Gent and Jawns, Bro Safari and Brillz are my homies for life.

What do you make of the current music and house music scenes?

The music scene now is amazing. Everyone is able to do their own thing, which I love. I love hearing everyone’s style, no matter what genre. I’m a fan of everything and all my peers are inspirations.

What should we expect from a live ETC!ETC! set?

My live set is bass and moombahton with a little bit of house.

See ETC!ETC! at Chinese Laundry on Friday March 14th.

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