Let’s Be Still is a charming follow-up record that willundoubtedlykeep the band’s devotees happy. They may have stuck to the tried and true, but these up-and-comers have succeeded in constructing a coherent collection of delightful indie folk.

The Head And The Heart know their sound. But while they may have conquered it, whether or not they have exhausted it is debatable. On their sophomore effort, Let’s Be Still, the Seattle six-piece once again play upon their penchant for making feel-good, dreamy Americana, proving they are still firm believers in sticking to what they know rather than exploring their creative boundaries.

Over the span of 13 tracks, they take their listeners on a journey through delicate harmonies, elegant violins and poignant piano, all topped off by Charity Thielen’s goddess-like vocals.

The singer/violinist is arguably the strongest reason why the band has set itself apart from a seemingly endless roster of emerging indie-folk Americana outfits, with her ethereal vocals haunting tracks like ‘Summertime’ and ‘These Days Are Numbered’.

Ballads ‘Cruel’ and ‘10,000 Weight In Gold’ are near-perfect illustrations of songwriters Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson’s abilities to craft stirring tales of despair which are intensified by powerful harmonies.

That’s not to say that more upbeat tracks such as ‘Homecoming Heroes’ and ‘Shake’ can’t stand their ground, but they come across as remarkably similar to the majority of the band’s debut self-titled album.

3.5/5 stars


Let’s Be Stillis out now through Sub Pop/Intertia

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