After the release of ‘Impossible Like You’ back in July 2013, I was sold. Holy Holy’s EP lives up to all expectations, and even surpasses them on so many different levels. Like a mug of hot soup ’neath a brimmed beanie on a cold winter’s day, the EP possesses an earthy warmness that makes your heart and mind feel healthy. It’s good for the soul.

The songwriting is simple but nostalgic and anthemic, and the EP as a whole is densely musical and texturally fascinating. Amongst the Jumanji chaos of today’s indie precinct, Holy Holy tear the veil of ‘same ol’, same ol’’ and set a new standard that’s going to be hard to match going forward. The opening track ‘House Of Cards’ is quick-stepped yet calming in its consistent bass-and-drum conversation.

‘Impossible Like You’ was always a good track, but there’s something about hearing it amongst a sequence of others that ices the cake. The almost unnoticeable shuffling and offbeat snare provide a solid foundation for layer upon layer of echoey vocals and colourful guitar riffs. As with ‘Slow Melody’ and ‘Cincinnati’, the sound gets bigger and more intricate as it goes along.

Verdict? The EP is warm, comforting, peaceful. Pure quality.

4/5 Stars

The Pacific EP is out now through Sony.

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