I Know Leopard’s new EPIlluminais, quite simply, a dream to listen to. One play will have you drifting through your day in romantic reflection.

Though its style is typical of many Australian indie rock bands, the Sydney five-piece’s greatest strength lies in the simplicity of its songwriting – producing a theme and developing it until it creates an emotional connection with the listener.

Take the first track, ‘She’, for example. From a set of bare repeating lyrics, I Know Leopard add layer upon layer of soaring vocals, guitar loops and humming keys, guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. There’s a lot to love about ‘Hold This Tight’ too, with its echoing harmonies, rhythmic drum line and jumpy melody making it a real attention grabber. ‘Daisy Eyes’ is another standout tune, bringing more energy to the EP and lifting the otherwise brooding mood. The final track, ‘Sunsets’, contrasts in style to the previous songs, taking a more retro, atmospheric approach and demonstrating the band’s ’70s pop influences. It wraps up the EP in a moment of quiet reflection.

Illumina is a promising release from I Know Leopard, exploring new musical avenues and exhibiting a depth not necessarily evident on the first listen.


Illuminais out now.

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