It doesn’t feel like all that long since we last heard from J Mascis – the one-two combo of his 2011 LPSeveral Shades Of Whyand Dinosaur Jr.’s fantastic 2012 effort,I Bet On Sky, were more than enough to tide fans over.

Then again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a surplus of Mascis’ work in the world. Following a killer cameo on Fucked Up’s Glass Boys, he has put together a quaint, serene album that’s a world away from his amp stacks and pedal boards.

Though there is an occasional flutter of drums and the hum of electric guitar feedback, the central focus here is Mascis’ vocals and acoustic guitar. He weaves his hazy storytelling through his mewling lower range and quivering falsetto, guided by impeccable guitar work that seamlessly transitions into unplugged mode. It’s a striking contrast, but that may well also be the point – Tied To A Star demonstrates the versatility and myriad abilities of the man behind the silver mane.

Even as he approaches 50, there’s a lot of life left in J Mascis. Tied To A Star is a quiet record that deserves to be played nice and loud – and often, too.


Tied To A Staris out Friday August 29 through Sub Pop / Inertia.

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