Joel McHale is one of those people that should inspire a lot of hate, being tall, handsome, successful and hilarious.

Yet, despite the clear personal flaws listed above, McHale is one of the world’s most-loved comedians, thanks to his smiling/biting commentary over 12 seasons of The Soup, and his star-turning role on Community as Jeff Winger, a confident schemer who has far too much depth to wrap up in a pithy news piece about an upcoming tour.

Yes, McHale will be in Australia for the Just For Laughs tour, and because flights from America take aaageeess, he has decided to use his visit wisely, and will be embarking on his first ever Australian tour.

He plays at the Opera House on September 15, despite his stand-up set containing no bel canto, with tickets on sale from the Opera House from next Monday, July 17.

And remember, Denny’s is for winners.

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