It’s the detail that hits you first – no corner of the titular House is left unexplored by vocalist Jordan Dreyer on his band’s third album. Lyrically, he has an uncanny ability to draw extraordinary aspects and ideas out of seemingly ordinary objects – everything in its place has its own story, its own history.

Whether it’s a whisper or a shout, each line is delivered with the utmost clarity and an insurmountable weight of conviction. A concept record of sorts, we learn of the house’s inhabitants, the ghosts of its past and the relationships that have disintegrated in between its walls as the album progresses.

Sonically,Rooms Of The Houseis the quietest La Dispute record to date, which adds both a poignancy to tracks like the two-part ‘Woman (In Mirror)’ and ‘Woman (Reading)’, and a powerfully striking contrast to when the louder dynamics emerge, such as on album highlight ‘For Mayor In Splitsville’.

There was a time when La Dispute were arguably the best-kept secret in the world of post-hardcore. OnRooms Of The House, the quality of what’s on offer is so undeniable that you will be unable to keep it to yourself.

Rooms Of The House is a true breakthrough.

4.5/5 stars

Rooms Of The Houseis out now onBetter Living/Resist.

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