Paul Weller said recently that being a mod was in his blood: he might be older, wiser and his youthful temperament buffed by the maturity of experience, but he’s still carrying the mod flag.

The same might be said for Rob Griffiths and Little Murders. It’s the best part of 35 years since Little Murders rode the wave of the antipodean mod revival, but Little Murders are as modern and fashionable as ever. Little Murders’ latest record Go – the title is an ironic follow-up to the band’s classic 1984 album Stop! – is every bit as fresh as the band’s original ’80s material.

Take for instance the opening track, ‘Too Many Times’. Strip aside the self-deprecating middle-aged rocker discourse and you’re left with a track that’s hip and vibrant enough to warrant a $50K cash advance and an avalanche of Columbia’s finest illicit export product. ‘White Train’ slips down a gear and succumbs to the temptation of emotional attachment and melodic temperament.

With its horn accompaniment, ‘Mean Season’ infuses mod sensibility with its original soul attitude; ‘Bicycle Wheel’ flashes with Barrett-esque whimsy; and if mainstream America was as impressive as ‘American Cool’ the world would be a better place.

Little Murders are as young and fresh as ever.


Go is out now through Off The Hip.

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