Stormtroopers, those streamlined, shiny white and slightly comical warriors from a galaxy far, far away, are the archetype of mindless military power. Alasdair Macintyre explores the significance of this iconic figure in his latest exhibition,The Long Martch

The Long Martchuses the stormtrooper as a vehicle for a provocative social commentaryand creative engagement with art history, theory and practice.By painting their armour with visual reminders of past artists or other artworks such as Rodin or Pollock, MacIntyre makes the clone-army both a classification system and also an exploration of quotation and individualism. Ten points to anyone that can explain the rampant ‘t’ inMartch.

The Long Martchwill be showing at Sullivan Strumpf from SaturdayJuly 12 – August 9, with a conversation with the artist on Saturday July 19 at 3pm.

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