Back in December,we were sad to announce that Sticky Fingers were breaking up. Punters everywhere were devastated at the news, but were happy to see that Sticky Fingers were planning to keep their already-announced tour engagements before breaking up. However,much like Black Sabbath, ‘finished’ doesn’t always mean ‘finished’, it seems.

AsThe Examinerreports, whileplaying their supposedly ‘final’ show yesterday at Party In The Paddock in Tasmania, the reggae-loving funsters reportedly told the crowd“There’s a huge difference between hiatus and breaking up”.

Although cryptic, there’s a pretty strong chance that this could meanwe’re set to see more of Sticky Fingers again in the future.

While the group announced their breakup back in Decemberciting ‘internal issues’ from within the group,there had been numerous issues and allegations raised against the band, which were said to contribute to the group’s demise. There’s no telling when and if these issues within the group will be sorted out, or if a reunion is dependent on these issues being addressed but right now we can only sit and wait.

However, let’s not get too excited. Just remember, when Silverchair broke up in 2011, they said it was going to be an ‘indefinite hiatus’, and we’re still waiting for their comeback, though we’re yet to see any cryptic Tweets from those lads. So don’t start playing your sad songs just yet, the group could be back sooner than you think.

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