Mark Covin’s Kidneydeals with an unlikely friendship that forms during the Murdoch News International phone hacking scandal.

Mary-Ellen Field’s career was destroyed after she was accused of leaking private information to the press, so when the Murdoch scandal came to light, she set out to clear her name.

In the play, this leads her into the path of Mark Colvin, who is covering the scandal from Australia. An unlikely friendship ensues that gives them both a kind of salvation.

Mark Covin’s Kidney, based on true events,is written by Tommy Murphy and directed by David Berthold, and stars Sarah Pierse, Peter Carroll, Kit Esuruoso and John Howard.

Photo: Daniel Boud

Mark Colvin’s Kidney will be playing at Belvoir St Theatre from Saturday February 25 until Sunday April 2. Head to the Belvoirwebsite for more information.

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