Melvin? You mean the general of the Martian army and descendant of Marvin who threatens to blow up the planet after his ship is attacked by fellow Looney Tunians? Not quite. The apocalyptic forces we’re talking about are Melvins and Helmet, set to assault audiences as they blow out thirty candles on their sonic cakes.

Melvins have been pedalling hard rock and experimental sludge for the past three decades, releasing a “shitload” of albums with their most recent profoundly titled Everybody Loves Sausages. And if you’ve seen S.W.A.T., Titus, Saw or David Bowie live you will have already been pulled under Helmet’s overdrive-heavy spell. Joining forces, Melvins and Helmet are set to shred up The Hi-Fi on Sunday December 15 after stopping in at Meredith. You’d be Looney to miss out on these Tunes.

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