Australian garage rock bands might be a dime a dozen, but Millions have managed to rise above the fold. They’re romantics at heart, which changes what could be more of the same indie guitar noise that saturates our airwaves into something complex and unique.

On the back of two critically acclaimed EPs, Millions didn’t ride out the wave of anticipation as well as they might have, instead receding from the spotlight to the studio. But maybe there was method to it – Max Relax is a more mature offering than 2012’s Cruel. All of the signatures from their early days are here, including hectic guitar licks and psychedelic twists, but they’re crisper and stripped back for maximum impact.

On tracks like ‘B Chill’ they’ve slowed the rhythm down into waltzy slow jam, while ‘Harder Than It Should Be’ falls somewhere between Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco. There are plenty of catchy riffs and a decent dash of pop appeal, but these occasionally fall into blander made-for-radio territory on tracks like ‘Clementine’.

It’s only in the details that Millions separate themselves from the standard indie rock fare, and you’ll be forgiven if you don’t get what the fuss is about. But if you pay attention, you might have found your new favourite guitar band.


Max Relaxis out Friday August 15 through Stop Start.

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