Milton Jones is a very, very punny man.

He does what few other comedians on the circuit do – he just tells jokes. Straight up, clever one-liners. They’re dad jokes – the kind that make you make that half-groan, unstoppable laugh noise – and in his latest show, On The Road, he rolls them out continuously for a solid hour. Bam! Bam! Bam!

They say the secret to good comedy is timing, and Jones nails it. He sets up a joke, he pauses for a split second – single eyebrow quivering, the audience holding its breath – and he drops the ridiculous punchline. But we can’t laugh too long at that one, because here comes another one.

It’s wordplay, simple as that, though it is very good wordplay (and he mixes up a little by displaying some pictures he drew on the projector). He’s not trying to shock or offend, and that’s actually really nice. There’s no controversy, race jokes or C-words, all of which have a certain place in comedy, but this is a refreshing change. He’s kind, too. Performing On The Road at The Comedy Store, he heckles the audience, but gently. No-one’s offended, all the participation is voluntary, and when he says your house stinks, it’s just because it’s true.

Arguably his most recognisable feature, though, is his look. The incredible bright-pattered shirts with coordinated bright trousers are fitting, and his hair is… well, I don’t know if I could pull it off, but he’s rocking the cut-with-a-breadknife-five-weeks-unwashed-fork-in-electrical-socket look. He tops it all off with some very enthusiastic eyebrows.

Jones doesn’t draw on personal life experience – unless he really does keep strangers in his cellar and have nine grandfathers – which means he lacks a little depth, but if you just want to laugh yourself sore for a full hour, he is the man to see.

4/5 stars

Milton Jones played The Comedy Store on Tuesday April 22 and Wednesday April 23 as part of Sydney Comedy Festival 2014.

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