Jonathan Gavin’s A Moment on the Lipshas all the elements of a great girls’ night in: Cocaine, wine and bitchiness.

Incorporating a strong, all female cast, the play cleverly explores modern themes, such as depression, gay marriage, power and death. Exposing the raw and at times confrontational, relationships between females,‘A Moment on the Lips’takes us on a journey into the intertwined lives of the seven women and their long-standing rivalries, jealousies and resentments.

Although the play could have easily fallen back on clichés and stereotypes, the witty, sharp dialogue and Mackenzie Steele’s tight direction prevent it from doing so. Lines like, “I’m so desperate I might spike my own drink,” have the audience in fits of laughter and really showcase Gavin’s flair and penchant for writing.

The seven head-strong and talented female cast; Beth Aubrey, Sarah Aubrey, Claudia Barrie, Lucy Goleby, Sonya Kerr, Ainslie McGlynn and Sabryna Te’o, work fabulously together, bringing the stage to life with their emotional flaws and inner-battles. Far from being one-dimensional, the characters reveal different aspects of their personality throughout the play, exposing their weaknesses and fears to those they love most dearly.

A Moment on the Lips,presented by Mad March Hare Theatre in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company, is a fascinating production, giving the male audience members a taste of the intimate friendships between females and leaving women with a sense of empowerment, reminding us just how strong we really are when faced with life’s many challenges.

A Moment on the Lips is on atThe Old Fitzroy Theatre, Wooloomooloo, until April 12.

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