Did you know Motörhead now have 21 studio albums? Drummer Mikkey Dee said of Aftershock, their 21st: “It is … one that really does define everything this band stands for.” That is an accurate description.

What does this album do? Have you heard Motörhead before? That’s what it does. It does Motörhead and it does it damned well. I’m not a die-hard Motörhead fan, but to me they’re a vital part of musical history. Who can forget their classic appearance on The Young Ones playing ‘Ace Of Spades’? Who doesn’t love the story of Lemmy being fired from Hawkwind? Supposedly it was for his drug arrest but we all know it was because they were pissed about him doing the vocals for their biggest hit, ‘Silver Machine’.

Motörhead aren’t messing with the formula at all; there’s nothing new here. But I’d still rather listen to this than any other pretender band you care to name. It’s still raw, still rough, still dirty. It is samey though. There is not a song on this album that does not sound like a previous Motörhead song. If this album came on in a random Motörhead playlist you would find it difficult to pick it out. Is this a bad thing? Well, do you like ‘Ace Of Spades’?

If you like Motörhead, you will like this album. If you donصt like Motörhead, you will not like this album. If you’ve never heard Motörhead and you like heavy blues rock, then you may as well check out this album first, before diving into their immense back catalogue.

3/5 stars


Aftershock is out now through ADA/Warner.

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