WATCH: How To Dress Up For A Music Festival Without Being Culturally Insensitive

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Music lovers, take note. Ahead of the 2017 iteration of Secret Garden Festival, organisers have shared a 'Fancy Ideas For Fancy Dress' video.

The clip includes a heap of ideas for dressing up at this year's event (disco ball, anyone?), while avoiding causing offence like the two punters who found themselves face-to-face with the festival programmer after wearing blackface to the 2016 festival.


Secret Garden is a famously dress-up-friendly festival, but these tips apply to any time you're arranging a costume, be it for a summer fest, a mate's party, or when you just feel like getting into garb for a night on the town.


Check out the vid below:



Secret Garden has also revealed its full playing schedule, including new lineup additions A.D.K.O.B, Endrey, Daws, Dylan Joel and more.


Photo: Tim Da-Rin

This year's Secret Garden happens at Brownlow Hill Farm on Friday February 24 and Saturday February 25.