Netflix and chill just got a lot more chill with the news that they will be selling strains of weed based on programs from their popular Netflix Original series.

Named The Netflix Collection — thereby avoiding the numerous, numerous clever names that quickly popped into everybody’s heads just then — the weed won’t be available as some form of subscription plus package, but instead will be a limited-edition high offered at Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood from August 25 to 27.

“Each strain was cultivated with the specific shows in mind, designed to complement each title based on their tone,” Netflix wrote in a press release. “For example, sillier shows may be more indica dominant, while dramedies will be more sativa dominant to help the more powerful scenes resonate.”

They recommend you smoke the Arrested Development ‘Banana Stand Kush’ in a “big yellow joint” and that the Pouseey Riot strand created for  Orange is the New Black is best when “kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes”.

Obviously our backwards laws mean there is no chance of seeing this creep into the Australian market – but I’m sure you can torrent some of the most popular strains…

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