Back in 2015, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had to actually go on the record and urge fans of his show not to re-enact the scene in which a frustrated Walter White tosses a pizza onto his own roof – because in real life it’s not Bryan Cranston’s roof but that of the old lady who lives in that house, and her daughter is sick of having to climb up to remove the countless pizzas thrown up there by the show’s fans.

“There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof,” Gilligan said. “It’s been done before. You’re not the first.”

Clearly this fell on deaf ears, as two years later fans are still tossing pizzas, and the owner has had enough, constructing a 6-foot high wrought iron fence around the property. It’s not just the pizzas, but the sense of ownership over the house the fans have.

“We feel like we can’t leave because when we do, something happens and that’s ridiculous,” the owner’s daughter Joanne Quintana told KOB 4 Eyewitness News. “[Fans] feel the need to tell us to close our garage, get out of the picture, you know, tell us what to do on our own property.”

Watch the KOB 4 news report, and the famous scene, below.

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