Could a similar masterstroke be next for Parquet Courts? Whatever it is, it’ll no doubt be worth your time.

The equation is simple; if you enjoyed Parquet Courts’ Light Up Gold from the start of this year, then you’ll also enjoy their new EP. The group has smartly decided not to change their winning formula too much; the rhythm section still plays fast and tight, they’re still one of the only bands going that are playing guitars how they’re meant to sound, and they still remind you of your favourite indie bands from times past.

With all that in mind, it’s interesting to note what it is they have actually tweaked. For starters, they’ve decided to stretch out their songs a bit. The five songs here run almost as long as their 11-track debut album American Specialties. But they’re also experimenting with song form and structure. Opener ‘You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now’ is a standard, great Parquet Courts track, which actually designates time in the track for an honest to goodness guitar solo.

‘The More It Works’ sees the band’s penchant for jamming come through, previously only really heard on ‘Stoned And Starving’, which not coincidently was widely seen as Light Up Gold’shighlight. It’s no coincidence that this track is the best song here either. That, or whatever it is ‘He’s Seeing Paths’ is exactly. For seven minutes the band gets crazy with the cheese whiz, using an assemblage of thrift shop synthesisers and drum machines, held down once again by a steady bassline.

It’s a similar move that Sonic Youth made with Master=Dik. They followed that up with Daydream Nation.

4/5 stars


Tally All The Things That You Brokeis out now through Create/Control Records

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