Australia’s going through a massive psych-rock and garage revival right now, so Warner have decided to pull together a limited edition four disc set featuring the best of the first wave of Aussie psych from the mid-60s.

Masters Apprentices, The Loved Ones and many dustier selections are featured and a second disc showcases the best of our current crop of bands (the likes of Velociraptor, Straight Arrows, Step-Panther, The Laurels and 21 others) reinterpreting tracks from the original ’60s psych era. Pick up a box set of both compilations on glorious vinyl, and delve deeper into the history of Australian music, when Red Eye Records presents A Nugget’s Natter on Friday July 5. FBi 94.5’s Marty Doyle will moderate a discussion between Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows (who co-produced the contemporary disc) and 60s musos Lindsay Bjerre (The Sunsets and Taman Shud) and Barrington Davis (Raining Teardrops).


There’ll even be free Mountain Goat beer.

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