Reviewed Friday September 27

This was a situation I didn’t ever expect to be in: front and centre at Redfoo’s DJ set at Marquee, holding a free vodka shot in one hand, an inflatable elephant in the other, and dancing along to every obnoxiously over-produced bass drop of ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ without irony. How did this happen, anyway?

Situated above the main gaming floor of The Star casino, Marquee boasts a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system that makes other Sydney clubs look like school discos. I noticed a life-sized inflatable zebra at the entrance. What I didn’t anticipate at this point was that I’d see it crowd-surfing by the end of the night.

Marquee was packed with a mixed crowd, who, to their credit, seemed to be embracing the feel-good party rock ethos. It wasn’t the meat market I anticipated, but rather a bunch of cheerful, excited and polite partygoers. After a warm-up comprising of Top 40 remixes and accompanied by performances from Marquee’s podium dancers, things started to get serious at 12:30am when glow sticks were tossed into the crowd. By the time Redfoo took to the stage at 1am, the entire club was pumped and ready to shuffle, which was just as well because the LMFAO star wasted no time launching straight into his crowd-pleasing opener, ‘Party Rock Anthem’. Resplendent in a pink leopard-print jacket and flanked by an entourage of dancers who looked like they were taking style cues from Mad Max, Redfoo churned through his hits, including ‘Sexy And I Know It’, ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ (appropriated to ‘I’m In Sydney Bitch’), ‘I’ll Award You With My Body’, ‘Shots’ (during which free shots were distributed throughout the crowd), and his new single ‘Let’s Get Ridiculous’.

There was plenty of audience interaction, banter and commitment to the performance (for example, Redfoo, presumably in the spirit of “getting ridiculous” chugged a beer bong onstage… you know, just ’cause). With girls dancing onstage, champagne spraying, more free shots for the crowd, smoke machines, laser lights, inflatable animals flying through the air (including the aforementioned) and everyone in good spirits, Redfoo’s performance was the embodiment of his feel-good party boy image – love it or hate it – and left the crowd grinning ear to ear.

Marisa Lugosi

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