Melbourne-based producer Roland Tings’ latest releaseEach Moment A Diamondis a phenomenal piece of art; a six-track, 30-minute reprieve from the daily grind.

Once inside Tings’ aural landscape it’s near-impossible not to feel utter and complete bliss. The tools of his trade are much the same as those of other producers: 707 claps, Juno basslines and keys, but Tings manages to create something otherworldly, urgent and incredibly sophisticated.

Highlights include the opening track ‘Turn Your Face Towards The Sun’, ‘Hedonist’ and ‘Slow Centre’ – the latter combining samples reminiscent of chiming bells at a Buddhist temple, a xylophone and plenty of bass. Despite the overlapping of sounds the track doesn’t feel overly busy or fussy; the further you get into the EP, the more you realise Tings has a knack for arranging tracks so they just feel right.

‘Monument’, the final track, does the most amazing fade out – kind of like that friend everyone seems to have who pulls off the most amazing smoke-bombs at parties.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable set – I listened to it with a raging hangover, and its charisma and positivity pulled me through what would otherwise have been a really grim workday.

Roland Tings’Each Moment A Diamondis available now through Sony.

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