Oxymoron is the newest album to come from TDE’s quest to dominate the rap game in 2014. 


While also being a play on oxycontin, Q says the title comes from having to do bad to do good; namely, selling crack/whatever to look after his daughter. Drugs and his daughter largely perforate the subject matter of Oxymoron with the theme being as prevalent as bucket hats in Q’s wardrobe. 


But this isn’t one of those “came from the struggle” joints that were played out even by the time Jay-Z came through. Oxymoron is more a celebration of wildin’ out with a few cautionary tales in the liner notes. On Prescription/Oxymoron, Q’s elated because he “Just stopped selling crack today,” but he’s replaced it with prescription drugs like oxycontin that he struggles with even more. While he confronts the negativity of drugs, he does it with the charisma of someone not worried about the after-effects.


Oxymoron is Q saying he fucks with drugs a lot and likes it, but it sometimes makes him sad. He’s also detailing a ghetto heritage and a desperate way of living, but he’s too busy getting rich being a debonair gangster to give a shit about that right now.


4/5 stars


Oxymoron out now on Interscope/Universal

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