Sydney sisters Jo Lyons and Kate Lyons-Dawson are set to stage their first art exhibition in their home city, at Gaffa in the CBD. 

With both artists having a long-standing passion for the environment, its history and their own family story, Waypoint features landscapes of the South Coast – their childhood home – in the shape of paintings, drawings and stencils.


As well as presenting astonishing works in their own right, Lyons-Dawson says the exhibit is about making the intangible real and capturing an image that brings about real meaning and nostalgia.


“The peace and stillness I find down the coast [I] try to cling on to. Having worked in my 20s get beyond my hometown, it’s clear that on many levels I now yearn for it.


“And attempting to trap the impossible is never more obvious than trying to catch a cloud in a painting, drawing; something that existed for that split second before changing forever.”





Waypoint opens on Thursday May 1 from 6pm at Gaffa on Clarence Street. The exhbition continues until May 13. 

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