UK duo Slow Club’s latest release,Complete Surrender, takes its cues from ’70s pop hits and combines them with slick production values. What stands out is the simplicity of this record.

Not exactly stripped back, it’s still dramatic and voluptuous – but the vocals of Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson take centre stage. Compared to their previous albums Paradise and Yeah So, there’s far less going on instrumentally, but they’ve still managed to create full, cohesive sounds.

Vocally, Taylor is without a doubt the stronger of the two, and this record showcases her versatility instead of hiding it away in the beautiful yet bland harmonies heard in the past. Her delivery is emotive and she has an expansive range that lends warmth and sensuality to tracks like ‘Complete Surrender’ and ‘Not Mine To Love’. ‘Paraguay And Panama’ is an acoustic, bare-all track with only Watson’s falsetto for accompaniment. It’s very Slow Club circa Paradise, but despite the vulnerability it displays, it’s not quite as affecting as past tracks ‘Gold Mountain’ or ‘Hackney Marsh’.

This album, despite all its old-school sensibilities, is far from just being a nod to the past. Instead of trying to emulate a sound, Slow Club have tried to create something more enduring than nostalgic.


Complete Surrenderis out Friday July 11 through Caroline.

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