Unless you yourself have been accused of douchebaggery (keyword being ‘accused’. But seriously, please put down my cat), then cleansing the world of douchebags must surely be high up on your to-do list, perhaps right before ‘world peace’. Better known as Bluejuice, our newest local “Douchebusters” are a trio committed to “upholding their duty to global harmony and the promotion of a douche-free world.”

They’ve just released the video to a brand spankin’ new single, ‘S.O.S’, which features footage of the band undertaking their latest mission and saving our streets. Stich-inducing Merrick Watts, Channel [V] presenter Danny Clayton, triple j’s Tom & Alex and The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg all feature in the clip. Bluejuice take over the Metro Theatre for an all-ages gig on Friday November 8 presented by the BRAG, with tickets available now via Ticketek.

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