Sounds Of The Suburbs took over Sutherland Shire yesterday with yet another brilliant festival that saw countless bands take to the stage to deliver awesome sets to legions of adoring fans. But of course, because having fun isn’t allowed, a few wowsers decided to take issue with the deafening roar coming from the Sutherland Carpark.

At approximately 3:39pm on Sunday afternoon (clearly the time when folks are heading off to bed), one Facebook user on the Everything Sutherland Shire page took issue with the loud noise coming from the festival grounds. Upon being asked “What’s the loud music we can hear in Kirrawee,” users quickly came out in force to either explain the situation, or defend the festival’s right to exist, and right to have loud music going at, y’know, 4pm on a weekend.

One user as quick to continue the barrage of complaints, expressing his disdain for the “heavy metal goth music” that was blaring out “directly across from where we live.” But others were quick to jump on the defense, stating facts such “It’s the middle of the day. In an entertainment precinct,” or the beautifully put “Oh wow. People need to get a life! It’s a music festival. Don’t worry you won’t lose any sleep as it’ll finish around 8pm.”

However the winner in this whole situation had to be Cory Adamson, who able to ask the one question we all wanted to ask these Facebook complainers: “can you guys turn down your whinging, I’m trying to listen to my death metal.” Others were also quick to point out the ridiculousness of calling the music played at Sounds Of The Suburbs “heavy metal goth music.” Music sure has changed recently, hasn’t it?

Apart from one small hitch in the form of US artist Colleen Green being deported upon arrival in Australia, Sounds Of The Suburbs was a massive success yesterday. Racking up its fifth year as one of Australia’s best kept secrets on the festival circuit. With massive sets from acts such as Skegss, Ruby Fields, and Camp Cope, Sounds Of The Suburbs has undoubtedly cemented itself as Sydney’s flagship music festival.

If you missed out on this year’s Sounds Of The Suburbs (or if you missed out on complaining about all the noise that came with the festival), don’t worry, you’ve just got to wait one more year for it to come around again.

In the meantime, relive what you might have missed out on yesterday by listening to Sounds Of The Suburbs headliners Skegss, and their brilliant track ‘Got On My Skateboard’, below.

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