1.Your Profile

Our music is an attraction, like the sound of two hearts beating in time. We enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and moonlight swims. We look for anyone that owns an awesome pair of dancing shoes, comes with character and is colourful [laughs]. In all seriousness, our music is colourful, captivating and cheery. We like to create memories and not just moments, and hope our music is relished by people from all walks of life. Our fans are the coolest cats around.

2.Keeping Busy

I think the only time off we all have is between the hours of 12-6am where our heads are rested on a pillow and our eyes shut. We have been very active, doing a bit of everything lately. Gigging, writing, filming. Really looking forward to our gig this Thursday the 17th at the Beresford in Surry Hills. It’s James’ birthday that night and I love the idea of no work the next day when you party like rock stars. The next few months will be action-packed with recording our new EP, which is obviously very exciting for us and hopefully for all you peeps out there.

3.Best Gig Ever

That time we supported Coldplay on their international tour… I wish. One time we played at Marrickville Festival and a man came to the stage very suspiciously and gave me a brown paper bag with something large inside that I thought was a head or something – turned out to be a large spiky fruit of some kind that none of us had seen before, but that was definitely memorable. Recently though we played at Mountain Sounds Festival alongside other amazing artists like Ball Park Music, Jinja Safari, Snakadaktal and more. That was a fun day for all of us – except James lost his memory for about three hours and we found him in a car at the end of the night – but the crowd were freakin’ awesome. I love playing festivals.

4.Current Playlist

All our taste in music is very broad but similar. James’ and my favourite band of all time is definitely Coldplay; we’ve been to a couple of their live shows and words cannot even describe how incredible they are. When the new album comes out (which is so soon) we are going to do a shot per song and take pleasure in the euphoric melodies – hopefully it won’t be a 15-song album as we may not get to hear all of it. Love Ball Park Music, Foster The People, Jungle Giants, Arctic Monkeys – the list could go on, but there is a few.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

I would personally say a savoury banquet fit for a king! Oh, and of course a never-ending supply of fruitful cocktails. Although somehow every time we get a rider it usually always consists of one or two bottles of bourbon, which is my least favourite spirit, because the boys love it and my choice is always overruled!

Catch them at Marble Bar / Upstairs Beresford on Wednesday April 16 / Thursday April 17

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