1. What Do You Look For In A Band?
The word ‘swagger’ has been thrown around a lot lately to describe our sound. We like to make music that will instantly get your heart pumping and get people moving. We basically are a mix between blues and rock with a bit of a dance element in some songs. We like to just jam and see what happens, and usually in each jam we salvage a riff or two, and if we are lucky a song. In terms of what we look for in a fan, I would say as long as they like our music we are happy.

2. Keeping Busy
We have just finished recording our latest EP, What I’ve Been Waiting For. It was a lot of work but great fun to do. We recorded it at Woodstock Studios and it was produced by Johnny Hooves, who was amazing from beginning to end. It was great to work with someone who can pretty much get us sounding any way we want. At the moment we are focusing on our east coast tour in January, and when we have time, writing some new material for the future.

3. Best Gig Ever
I think our last EP launch in November has been the best gig to date. Jimmy just sang instead of drumming and singing and this lifted our live show to a whole new level, and that combined with an amazing audience just made the whole night a lot of fun. The more the crowd gets into it the more we deliver. We were supported that night by The Ugly Kings and My Left Boot, who are two great acts. We have played plenty of shit gigs, don’t you worry about that, but it’s a learning curve and a lot of good things have come out of gigs where we’ve played to six or so people (half of which were family members).

4. Current Playlist
The new Arctic Monkeys album AM is amazing, and same with Queens of the Stone Age’s new album. In terms of up-and-comers, I think Royal Blood are just plain sick; for a two-piece they really deliver. Recently we all went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Palace and it’s no secret they are one of our influences. We all really enjoyed the gig, and those guys (and girl) can really put on a show, rock’n’roll style. Plus there was a lot of leather at the gig, which was nice to see.

5. Your Ultimate Rider
Well, we have never been asked what we want in a rider. So usually we just get beers, which is better then nothing. If we could have anything we requested we would probably end up getting more drinks. A towel would be nice, as I am usually dripping with sweat by the end of a gig and spend the rest of the night wet. No-one as yet has requested anything to venues because we aren’t at that level yet! If we did, I have a feeling the venue manager would tell us to piss off and cancel the gig, but who knows what the future holds.

What I’ve Been Waiting For is out now through Khoy Music and available on Bandcamp. White Summer play Frankie’s Pizza on Thursday January 23 and The Lansdowne on Friday January 24.

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