1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

My music sounds like peanut butter and cheese. You may never have tried it before, but once you do, you won’t want to eat anything else. Or maybe it sounds more like Frank Ocean or Pharrell Williams with curves and red hair. I like long walks on the beach or around the park with Jill Scott. Or just a day sweating it up on the drum kit. I look for fans who have red hair. Then we can make a cult called Gingerlicious.

2. Keeping Busy

I made my first trip to the USA earlier this year. It was epic. I got to play at South by Southwest and see just how crazy Austin, Texas is. It’s amazing. Since we got back I’ve been flat out getting my new EP ready. Recording, collaborating, shooting film clips, eating cereal, it’s been hectic. I can’t wait to release the new tracks, they’ve got a great new vibe – very different from anything I’ve ever done before.

3. Best Gig Ever

Best gig I’ve ever played was main stage at Easterfest [in Toowoomba] this year. We had a hip hop dance crew onstage with us, as well as aerial acrobats. It’s so cool to see people choreograph routines to your music. Worst show ever would be our first show in Adelaide; 40 degree heat and then the venue air conditioning shut down! On top of that, we were staying at the world’s dodgiest backpackers where they served us out-of-date UHT milk. Out-of-date long life milk??

4. Current Playlist

I’ve just picked up my Selah Sue record again – an amazing singer from Belgium who I first saw singing at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Europe. [She’s a] skinny little white girl who learnt English off old Bob Marley records and sounds Rastafarian. I’m loving Jordan Rakei, an amazing young talent rising out of Brisbane at the moment. I’ve just discovered that I love San Cisco. And I went to see the incredible Noah Slee live recently, whose mixtape lives in my car and I’m about to hit the studio with.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

My ultimate rider would include frozen yoghurt with dark chocolate and berries, homemade Italian lasagne, a never-ending massage, a live re-enactment of Community featuring the entire cast, a live ‘getting ready’ soundtrack by André 3000, a sound check drum solo from Tony Royster, Jr and a pre-show service from any gospel church in Harlem. I think I’d better update my current rider.

Bec Laughton plays Upstairs Beresford on Friday November 15.

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