1. What Do You Look For in a Band?

I don’t date guys in bands.

2. Keeping Busy

I’ve just finished ten days in Tasmania as a guest of the Dark Mofo winter festival, performing both solo as well as alongside Mick Thomas, Andy Reid, Michael Barclay, Craig Pilkington, Tim Rogers, Jen Anderson, Jeff Lang, Darren Hanlon, Liz Stringer, Van Walker and Sal Kimber in the Vandemonian Lags show. Got a week off, then I am starting my European Vacation tour, in support of my new EP that’s out now. Then I’m off to Europe to play some shows for three months or so.

3. Best Gig Ever

The one that springs to mind was when The Gin Club played with Tim Rogers at The Troubadour in Brisbane. It was the first time we had played with Tim and I cheekily asked him if he’d get up and sing some Rolling Stones tunes with us. I was pretty surprised when he said yes, but even more surprised when he bounded on stage at the end of our set and belted out ‘Sweet Virginia’ and ‘Shine A Light’. He also sent a hand written reply to the only fan mail I’ve ever sent, in response to the ‘Cathy’s Clown’ single being released. What a legend.

4. Current Playlist

I had sort of been putting off listening to the new Drones record for a few months, even though I’m a massive fan, ‘cause I think I wanted to see them play the songs live. Anyway, I just saw them at Dark Mofo and they just smashed it completely. Amazing. Also saw Boris, couldn’t decide if it was amazing or terrible but I’m told that’s de rigueur so I’m going with amazing. Plus, saw You Am I do all of Hourly Daily and Hi Fi Way, which was absolutely incredible also. I have been spoiled of late.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

A bit of peace and quiet.

Ben Salter plays Petersham Bowls Club on Friday July 16.European VacationEP out now through ABC Music.

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