1.Your Profile

Growing up, I was told that if I wanted to make friends I should never talk about sex, politics or religion. You know; keep it light-hearted. Luckily for me I have always done what I’ve felt right. Fight the powers that be. My music is sexual, political and theological. Don’t let that scare you though, I do it all with a wink and a smile.

2.Keeping Busy

Over the past months I have been working in the studio. I have been staying in on weekends and working late weeknights preparing my soon-to-be-released EP, Solstice. It’s a five-track EP featuring just myself, a guitar and loop pedals. It’s been an intense experience that has challenged me as a producer and a writer. The results are well worth it!

3.Best Gig Ever

To be honest, the best gigs are never the ones you expect. I have played to crowds in the thousands, and sure, they got my heart racing – however, the best gigs are always the ones that surprise you. They are small, daggy, and a little left of centre.

I’ve always been a fan of the smaller gigs; the kind of gigs that are personal and where you get to engage with an audience on a first-name basis.

4.Current Playlist

Stu Larsen’s latest album Vagabond is incredible. I remember sharing a stage with him at an event a few years back. We took a photo because we looked like brothers. It’s great to see him doing so well with his international tours, and his continuing friendship with Passenger. His next show in Sydney I will be definitely attending.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

It’s always just lollies and biscuits with a complimentary water bottle sitting in the green room. I got excited once because we were provided with Tim Tams instead of the usual Arnott’s assortments. On another occasion we were provided with Killer Pythons; you can be sure I stashed a few of those in my pockets. Truthfully the ultimate rider would not be fancy. I like to have some space to keep calm and collected. I like to have some room to think of what I am about to do and why I am doing it. It grounds me and connects me with the moment and the people I am with.

Catch Benjamin Bleyerveen at theSplendour In The Grass Buskers Stage, presented by AIM inNorth Byron Parklands fromFriday July 25 to Sunday July 27. He will also be playing atThe Australian Institute of Music when it hosts its Surry Hills open day on Saturday August 16.

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