1.What Do You Look For In A Band?

We’re a black thrash’n’roll band that likes to rock as hard as possible. We write heavy music intended to raise fists, bang heads and make babes horny. We go from high-paced thrash mayhem to mid-paced fury which harkens back to the Norwegian old-school legends as well as classic Aussie metal.

2.Keeping Busy

We’ve just recorded our debut LP which comes out this month. It sounds killer so we’re excited about that. Despite this we’ve kept a strong work ethic, playing plenty of shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, as well as writing material for a second LP. We’ve also just replaced bass players so we’ll be unleashing that maniac to the public this month. We won’t let up after that. Plenty of gigs in the pipeline including supporting Toxic Holocaust in April so we’re very keen for that. We’ll be hitting Brisbane, Melbourne and possibly overseas in 2014.

3.Best Gig Ever

All our shows have been pretty wild experiences. I remember a show in Canberra where a mad bastard smashed his head wide open against the foldback and was covered in blood. It didn’t stop him rocking out til we were done before heading to hospital… We also supported Lightning Bolt and it’s fair to say the crowd were not used to a band like us. It was hipster heaven. But I think we won over their hearts in the end and got a few heads banging and singing along to our blasphemous odes.

4.Current Playlist

Our set consists of our album material. We always close with a unique cover which could be anything from Darkthrone to Twisted Sister. We’ve been lucky to see some killer bands as well ourselves. Enslaved, Black Breath, Moonsorrow and Van Halen come to mind.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

For a rider I guess we’re simple guys with simple desires – beer and lots of it. We love a high-tech beverage, perhaps a Duvel, Chimay, all the Belgian faves. Chuck some pizza and hot babes in there and we’re in heaven (I mean, Hell). Thankfully those things come in abundance at Frankie’s so it’s pretty exciting to be playing there, where we’ve been known to drink in excess on a regular basis.

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