1. Your Profile

We are a well built column shift auto cruising through rock’n’roll’s parsecs looking for like-minded life companions to swipe right. 


2. Keeping Busy

We’re always on the move around the place, getting to see more and more of our great country every week. Work has begun on Dallas Crane album number six.


3. Best Gig Ever

It’s hard to isolate one, but being the band that played just before the Dirty Three’s famous ‘lightning set’ at Meredith Music Festival was pretty special. Worst gig ever goes back a fair way but is generally defined by more staff than punters being in the audience!


4. Current Playlist

Right now, Tame Impala – Currents, Maxayn – Maxayn, John Coltrane – Ballads, Aerosmith – Toys In The Attic, to name a few.


5. Your Ultimate Rider

We used to have a pretty stupid ‘taking the piss’ rider to see who’d actually go out and find it. It had everything on there from cotton socks and a gram of pot to ridiculously hard-to-find bottles of vintage-specific wine. We were never too fussed as long as we didn’t go thirsty before or after the show.

Dallas Crane, along with Draught Dodgers (feat. Tim Rogers), play at Captain Cook Hotel on Saturday February 11.

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