1. Your Profile

We are just four very average-looking guys who play in a roots/surf/dub band. When we aren’t touring we enjoy surfing, golf and searching for exotic clothing. Our ideal fans are people who will listen to our music then remain fans after talking to us in person.

2.Keeping Busy

We have just finished a big tour to follow up the release of the first single, ‘Dancing In The Water’. In the past month we have been taking it easy before we head off again in May as we just released our second single, ‘Leave It To Me’. We have a busy winter approaching so rest and time off the road is great at the moment. Also the van needs a good month or two of airing out. Expect to see us in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, the Gold Coast and Brisbane in the months coming though. We are stoked.

3.Best Gig Ever

The best gig so far I think would have to be Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie. We had a great show supporting The Basics, The Rubens, Ash Grunwald, Stonefield and other great acts. We had been applying for a while and we ended up snagging a spot. It was the end to a good year.

4.Current Playlist

Well, it’s interesting… Dean has an extensive collection of country and useless golden oldies, Kane listens to the only three artists he has on his iPod on rotation, and Chris and I are into Aussie hip hop. We all do really like The Beautiful Girls, Sticky Fingers, Horrorshow and Spit Syndicate at the moment though. We were fortunate to support Mat McHugh at the start of 2014 and really enjoyed that; also it was great to watch all the artists at FOTSUN.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

We don’t usually get a lot of riders so a case of beer and a free feed is enough to get us excited. If we could get anything I reckon it would be a small list: talcum powder, drinks, food, a wave machine.

Mar Haze will be playing at the Lansdowne Hotel / Upstairs Beresford / Narrabeen Sands on Friday May 5 / Saturday June 14 / Friday July 25 respectively.

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