1. Your Profile

Four young 20-somethings with an exotic blend of Papua New Guinean, Chinese, Fijian, Indian, French, Australian and Filipino backgrounds. Currently seeking a long-term relationship with fans of any race, gender or build. Bonus points if they’re into Scrubs, Arrested Development or listening to cheesy ’80s pop music. We’re in it for the long haul (not one of those hit-it-and-quit-it kinda bands).


2. Keeping Busy

The last few months have been ridiculously busy for all of us. Tom owns and runs a school on the Central Coast. The rest of us are working full-time office gigs. Apart from juggling the jobs and various projects, we’ve been recording, producing and planning the release of our new single. So yeah, brand new songs, a music video, heaps more gigs. We’re very excited for 2017!


3. Best Gig Ever

It’s incredibly hard to choose only one, but I’ll go a bit recent and say that opening The Plot festival back in November was a huge moment for us – not just because we shared a stage with acts like Montaigne, Tash Sultana and Gold Fields, but just the fact that it was our first-ever festival gig has really cemented the event deep into our most treasured memories as a band. Great organisers, great artists, and just great people all day – such an awesome experience, and we’re still pinching ourselves about it.


4. Current Playlist

First of all, if you have not heard ‘This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)’ by Talking Heads then what are you even doing here? Go listen to it right now! It’s my fave song of all time and you have my permission to play that at any moment in my life – my wedding, birthday, funeral, it’s all good. Secondly, MGMT’s second album Congratulations is probably the most underrated album I’ve ever listened to. It’s got some incredible lyrics and musical ideas. It’s just a shame that fans didn’t take to it because it wasn’t the synthpop sound that they were used to after their first album.


5. Your Ultimate Rider

Well, if we’re going all-out here, then a fridge full of Pasito and a tray of double-doubles from In-N-Out Burger ought to do it. Perhaps some frozen yoghurt for after the gig, if we’re feeling peckish. I dunno, but you’d think that a band called Froyo would wanna add some actual froyo to their rider, wouldn’t you? Also, next time you’re at a frozen yoghurt joint, make sure you add some of those sweet mango boba thingies when you’re selecting your choice of toppings. Seriously, that stuff’s the real deal.

The Hottest 100 Party, featuring Froyo, L-Fresh The Lion, Olympia, VXV and more, happens Thursday January 26 at Parramatta Park.

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