1.Your Profile

Susy Blue is confusingly myself; the singer, songwriter, keyboardist and benevolent dictator, as well as the rest of the musicians that make up the six-piece band. We definitely embody the genre-hop, from alt-folk to vintage pop to a bit of bluegrass to calypso to surf rock. We like to surprise, sometimes with cheeky songs like ‘Cheer The Fuck Up’, or explore our darker side with titles like ‘Murder Bolero’. You can expect instruments like keyboards, Casio organs, violin, sax and clarinet alongside the usual rhythm section onstage, as well as honeyed harmonies in songs that are fun, free and on the fringe.

2.Keeping Busy

In February I did a songwriting challenge to try and write 14 songs in the month. I only got nine but was happy with that. It’s part of an online forum where you upload your demos and get feedback on the songs, and the two-day deadline works super well for me. We’ve started getting the gears in motion for touring and releasing our second album. It’s all culminating right now, also with shooting film clips, rehearsing and the whole promo trail.

3.Best Gig Ever

Playing Woodford Folk Festival was definitely a big highlight for me. As a former Queenslander, I’d been going to the festival for years and always loved it. The audiences there are so lively and ready to enjoy and interact; the whole festival has such a great vibe with so much amazing art and music and fun to be had.

4.Current Playlist

I’m pretty excited about Tune-Yards’ new album. Over the last two months I’ve been listening obsessively to Andrew Bird and BjЪrk, and less obsessively to Dirty Projectors and some old school gospel and doo-wop. I’ve also been revisiting an old favourite, Tori Amos, as well as listening to some classical Indian records my boyfriend found in hard rubbish – they’re amazing!

5.Your Ultimate Rider

I have bizarre food tastes, mainly involving straight white vinegar, so that alongside some pho, bison grass vodka, haloumi and coffee would keep most of the band happy.

Susie Blue will be supporting Phfat and The Sooreleys on Saturday May 31 at the Upstairs Beresford, details available online. Nobody’s Somebodyout now through Big Rig.

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